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Windsor Mortgage Agent Duncan Wilson Reports

General Duncan Wilson 25 Nov

Mortgages in Windsor and your Home

According to studies many people in Windsor that own a home also have a mortgage. This would lend to say that most people know they have a mortgage, but many would ask what a Strategic Mortgage Plan is. This contains a budget plan that matches your anticipated cash flow. It can be as specific as you want. Your plan should contain certain goals that pertain to time, and lifestyle.

A Windsor Mortgage Professional can help you look over your Strategic Mortgage Plan, and adjust your amortization (time to pay off) when you look over your mortgage. Whether it be 15 years, 20 years, 30 years amortizations the longer you stretch it the more interest you pay no matter what the rate. A $100,000.00 dollar mortgage amortized over 35 years at 3% tallies a total interest of $61,000.00. While a $100,000.00 dollar mortgage amortized over 20 years at 5% tallies a total interest of $57,000.00. So make sure your comfortable with the payment and always think “How long do I want to take?”.


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